viernes, 8 de junio de 2007


"Dancing is sexually provocative. It’s moving to music only you’re by yourself. It’s masturbatory. You’re just moving your body to music. It’s like sex. It feels that good to me. I think it feels that good to other people as well. Nowadays people don’t dance with each other, they just DANCE!! It’s like getting into yourself, moving your body all around and stuff. When you’re on the dance floor you can feel the bass and the percussion. It’s very primitive and sexual. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself. Am I beating around the bush? No? I mean, it’s hard to be really precise about these matters (giggle). Dance and music and sex – they’re all the same thing. It comes from your soul ultimately. To express yourself deep down inside is important. If you didn’t you’d be just like a dead person." Madonna.